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March 8, 2010
Sunday of the Holy Cross in Holy Cross Monastery

arhcm.lg.jpg (55007 bytes)On Saturday, March 6, His Grace, Bishop George of Mayfield, led the All-Night Vigil with the bringing out of the Cross in the main church of Holy Cross Monastery. His Grace was co-served by Fr. Artemy, monastery administrator Igumen Seraphim (Voepel), and the monastery clergy, in the presence of a multitude of the faithful. During the service, Fr. Artemy confessed the brethren and pilgrims to the monastery. The following morning, His Grace celebrated the Divine Liturgy, co-served by the above-mentioned clergy. Upon completion of the Liturgy, Fr. Artemy delivered a sermon on the theme of venerating the Life-Giving Cross of the Lord. After the Divine Liturgy, Bishop George led a procession to the future location of the monastery’s main church, where he performed the Rite of Blessing of a new cross, erected on the spot by the monks. For more information on the construction of the new church, click here. After lunch, Fr. Artemy led a second discussion on the importance of the Jesus Prayer. The following morning, Fr. Artemy left for the diocesan center in New Jersey, where his travels through the Eastern American Diocese will draw to a close.

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