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March 17, 2010
Columbia, SC: Bishop George visited St Elizabeth the New Martyr Church

csc.lg.jpg (63732 bytes)His Grace George, Bishop of Mayfield, arrived in Columbia, SC on the afternoon of Friday, March 12, for his Lenten pastoral visit to St. Elizabeth the New Martyr parish. Vladyka was accompanied by Fr. Boris, a monk of Holy Cross Monastery, and Deacon Jeremiah Davis, also of the monastery. Their first stop was the rector’s home, where they visited with Fr. Mark Mancuso and Matushka Anne and their family. Later that evening, Bishop George had supper with the parish clergy and members of the parish council at the home of parish Deacon Columba Wilson.

On the morning of Saturday, March 13, Bishop George, along with Fr. Columba, Fr. Jeremiah, and Fr. Boris, had a delightful breakfast prepared by Matushka Anne at the rector’s home and afterward was given a tour of the award-winning Riverbanks Zoo and Garden. There, in the midst of a mild pre-spring day, they were able to enjoy some of the early blooms in the garden, as well as see some of the new attractions at the zoo, including the newborn giraffe and the unique koala bear exhibit.

In the evening, Bishop George led the All-Night Vigil, co-served by parish clergy, Archpriest Steven Ritter and Deacon Zachary Rose (clerics of St. Mary of Egypt Church in Atlanta, GA), and Deacon Jeremiah Davis. An enjoyable supper was held at a local restaurant with the serving clergy, as well as Archpriest Michael Platanis, (rector of Holy Trinity Greek Church in Columbia, SC).

On Sunday morning, March 14, the fourth Sunday of Great Lent, Bishop George celebrated the Divine Liturgy with the above-mentioned clergy. The Liturgy was well attended, with about 60 of the faithful receiving the Holy Mysteries. At the end of the Liturgy, Vladyka George gave an inspiring sermon about St. John of the Ladder and how all the faithful should take the teachings from The Ladder of Divine Ascent and apply them to learn humility, obedience, and how to make the Faith real in their lives.

After Sunday’s Liturgy, the parish sisterhood prepared a bountiful luncheon for Bishop George at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Shaw. The parish spent a pleasant afternoon with Vladyka George and the visiting clergy. Upon his departure, all of the faithful thanked Bishop George for coming to the parish and expressed their hope to see him for the parish’s patronal feast day in July.