March 22, 2013
"Holy Cross Monastery – A Story of Survival:" A New Documentary produced by the Fund for Assistance and the Diocesan Media Office

On Tuesday, March 22, the Fund for Assistance to ROCOR published a documentary film about the life and struggles of Holy Cross Monastery in Wayne, WV – the largest English-language monastery in ROCOR. The documentary, titled "Holy Cross Monastery – A Story of Survival," shows daily life at the monastery and the far-reaching effect this small, impoverished community has had on its neighbors and pilgrims, and even the world. The film chronicles the recent successful financial aid campaign that the Fund for Assistance conducted, in order to save the monastery at one of the most difficult times of its history in 2011-2012.

The Media Office of the Eastern American Diocese collaborated with the Fund for Assistance in the production of this film, which is the result of several fruitful years of joint efforts on many various projects.

Thanks to the financial aid of the Fund for Assistance, Holy Cross Monastery has been able to overcome its financial problems, and focus on expansion and bringing in new novices. The monks have begun construction on a new monastic dormitory, which will contain nine cells to meet the growing demand for housing.

Media Office of the Eastern American Diocese