April 19, 2016
Georgia-Florida: Myrrh-Streaming Mother of God Icon "Softener of Evil Hearts" performs Visitation through Diocese’s Southernmost States

As part of her ongoing visitation to the parishes and monasteries of the Eastern American Diocese, the myrrh-streaming Icon of the Mother of God "Softener of Evil Hearts" has been traveling through the Diocese’s southernmost states.

On the evening of April 8, the wonderworking icon was greeted by Priest Eugene Antonov, rector of Joy of All Who Sorrow Church in Atlanta, GA. The following day, Saturday, April 9, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated in the church, in the presence of the holy image. That same day, the icon departed for the neighboring St. Mary of Egypt Church, where the clergy and faithful prayed before the myrrh-streaming image both that evening and at Liturgy on the Sunday of the Venerable John of the Ladder, April 10.

On Monday, April 11, the Icon began its visitation to the churches of Florida. The holy Icon’s first visit was to St. Gregory the Theologian Church (MP) in Tampa, where she was greeted by the rector, Archpriest Andrey Kovalev. Many of the faithful gathered around the church, and the parish children laid down a path of rose petals for the Icon.

On Tuesday, April 12, the Icon traveled by air from Tampa to Jacksonville and Palm Coast. Accompanying Fr. Andrey in the aerial procession was the Icon’s guardian, Sergey Fomin. Throughout the flight, the Icon streamed myrrh abundantly.

The Icon’s first stop was in Jacksonville; the Icon was greeted by the rector of Holy Annunciation Mission (OCA), Hieromonk Arkady (Migunov). The moleben and akathist were served in the presence of many parishioners.

In Palm Coast, the Icon was greeted at the airport terminal by the rector of nearby St. Nicholas Church, Priest Vladimir Kaydanov, who proceeded with the Icon and those accompanying her to the church. There, the faithful gathered for a moleben and akathist before the myrrh-streaming Icon. At all of the parishes, the priests anointed the faithful with holy myrrh from the Icon.

On Thursday, April 14, the myrrh-streaming Icon visited St. Nicholas Monastery in North Fort Myers, as well as the Softener of Evil Hearts Mission in Cape Coral. On Friday, April 15, the Icon would arrive in Miami, where it remained until April 18, when she completes her visits to the local parishes.

Media Office of the Eastern American Diocese