August 4, 2016
Jackson, NJ: Annual St. Vladimir’s Day Celebrations held at St. Vladimir Memorial Church

On Sunday, July 31, the annual St. Vladimir’s Day Celebrations at St. Vladimir Memorial Church to the Millennium of the Baptism of Rus’ in Jackson, NJ opened with the celebration of the Divine Liturgy. Leading the service was Eastern American Diocesan vicar Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan. In a church built to memorialize the feast of the Baptism of Rus’ far beyond Russia’s borders, His Grace was co-served by diocesan clergy, who gathered to mark the event:

-          Archpriest Serge Lukianov (diocesan secretary, dean of St. Alexander Nevsky Diocesan Cathedral in Howell, NJ)

-          Archpriest Liubo Milosevich (rector of Holy Trinity Church in Vineland, NJ)

-          Archpriest Boris Slootsky (cleric of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Howell)

-          Priest Alexey Bykon (cleric of New Martrs & Confessors of Russia Church in Brooklyn, NY)

-          Priest Serge Ledkovsky (deputy rector of the memorial church)

-          Priest Michael Volzhansky (cleric of the Lipetsk Diocese)

-          Priest Valery Sukholobov (rector of Joy of All Who Sorrow Church in Philadelphia, PA)

-          Protodeacon Vadim Gan (cleric of the Synodal Cathedral of the Sign in New York City)

-          Protodeacon Leonid Roschko (cleric of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral)

-          Deacon Nathan Mousselli (cleric of the memorial church).

A joint choir of parishioners and guests sang the divine service under the direction of Deacon Alexander Petrovsky (cleric of the Mid-American Diocese and son of longtime memorial church cleric, the ever-memorable Archpriest Philip Petrovsky).

An early Liturgy was served for those who could not take part in the festivities later in the day, as well as for those laborers and host volunteers who would be working throughout the later Liturgy; it was celebrated by Archpriest Alexander Golubov (cleric of St. Nicholas Patriarchal Cathedral in New York City), co-served by Priest Seraphim Chemodakov and Deacon Paul Drozdowski (clerics of St. Alexander Nevsky Diocesan Cathedral).

Despite the rainy weather, Orthodox Christians from nearby churches, as well as from New York and neighboring states, gathered for the Liturgy and St. Vladimir’s Day Celebrations.

Upon completion of the service, Bishop Nicolas congratulated the faithful with the resurrectional Sunday services, as well as with the feast in honor of the Holy Great Prince Vladimir and Great Princess Olga, the feast of the Baptism of Rus’. His Grace reminded them of that Sunday’s Gospel reading on the paralytic, and noted that "we are all in need of spiritual healing, but in order to receive this healing, we must repent and, above all, must ask the Lord to forgive our sins." Bishop Nicholas also called on believers not to forget about personal interaction with God, living according to the Commandments, with Christ and in Christ, and showing mercy to those around us.

The clergy and festal participants then went in procession around the memorial church territory, carrying gonfalons and icons, and singing spiritual hymns; the procession concluded with the traditional blessing of the water, which everyone took home with them. In the church hall, the parish sisterhood prepared a festal luncheon for the clergy, faithful, and guests; in the open air, a barbeque picnic was made available for those interested, while folk music played in the background.

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